McGee Wealth Management Named in Financial Times 400 Top Financial Advisor

by Ashley Baldwin

McGee Wealth Management makes the prestigious 2018 Edition of the Financial Times 300 Top Financial Advisers list. This list is compiled annually and features the top advisers at traditional broker-dealer firms in the U.S.

The formula that FT uses to grade advisors is based on six broad factors and calculates a score for each advisor. Areas considered include advisor assets under management, asset growth, years of experience, industry certification, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority compliance records and online accessibility. The Financial Times highlights the results by emphasizing how difficult and competitive the job of financial adviser has become. “A good adviser should have one eye on global trends and another on his or her client’s household,” FT explains.

Link to Financial Times’ Top Advisor Methodology

Judith McGee is one of only three financial advisers in Oregon to make this 300 Top Financial Adviser list. “As the investing world evolves, the needs of investor become more complicated. I have cultivated a culture that focuses on continuing education and advanced technology to stay current and better serve clients,” CEO/Chair Judith McGee explains.

The 300 Top Financial Adviser list comes with a report highlighting the population served by the top advisers. According to the report, more than a quarter of the FT 300 members serve retirees, and these leading financial advisers offer a diverse array of skills, opinions and backgrounds.